Sunday, 25 March 2012


Another lovely day in the sun 
I travelled to a place called Eastover today for my step brothers 18th birthday meal. There's something I enjoy (LOVE) about getting ready for a meal, I love putting outfits together for that formal yet unformal event. My inspiration for this outfit came from nowhere, I liked the idea of a statement dress with a pastel blazer but I thought adding edgy old school cloggs would complete the look for casual but smart. I took a few snaps of of what I was wearing for you guys.

 Dress = River Island (this season)
 Cloggs - Primark

 Pastel blazer - H&m
 Lace vintage bag = New Look
 Midi dresses have such a flowiness to them, these dresses are perfect for a holiday walk or meal in the sunset!

Awkward angles eyy, I heard that's what photographers like...



  1. very sexy poses adorable outfit nice fashion sense

  2. thank you so much :) love to you xx