Saturday, 24 March 2012

I go back to december all the time...

X X O X X XO hello 

The beautiful english (american) rose, curly blonde Taylor Swift came on my stereo and it reminded me of December. The month where you can eat as much as your belly will expand. That sweet, sweet month!

Thought I'd post a photo of what me and my darling boyfriend wore on the special day, the 25th!

My shoes are from new look, last season. My socks are from primark (why pay more?!). My gold DAZZLING dress which I am in love with ..(I'm sure it would look better on someone a teeny tiny bit more skinnier but AH WELL) is from Topshop this season as is my body necklace. Similar here..

Adam (hunky) is wearing a jumper and chinos from Topman.

What did you guys wear on the day? I'd sure love to see! XXX

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