Sunday, 25 March 2012



I don't know if your similar to me (please.. someone out there!) but I have a very bad storage system going on for where I keep my necklaces. My shorter and collar necklaces are in boxes, and my long necklaces hang on two hooks from the back of my bedroom door. So yes, when someone opens my door at the dreaded 6AM, I am firstly woken up by the sound of all my necklaces bashing together, and on top of that (oh yes, theres more negativity) I don't even take a second look at my necklaces, as they are too hard to tangle through.

So one day my gorgeous mamma, Rita, came home with a special present for my sister and I.

£2 of fantasticness! Primark have really started to create homeware pieces that are genius. They have created a hanger with 11 handy hooks to hold all of your belongings. I have used it to sort out my necklaces.

It has so many purposes. As it is in a hanger format, you could hang this in your wardrobe.

And for the AMAZING and quite realistic jaw dropping two english pounds!

So I've managed to organise my necklaces now, however I've still decided to keep the hanger on the back of my door. Maybe the 6AM wake up calls can't be that bad....

How do you store do your necklaces?

All my love, K xx

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  1. Cute Accessory hanger!!! Never would have thought!!!