Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Toni and Guy Hair Compeition


My bestest friend in the entire world, Phillip Carpenter, was entered into the Toni and Guy hair dressing competition for year ones, category Hair Up. He kindly asked me to be his model, and well, we had a blast! The whole day was great :-)

We arrived at Bristol for 9am, we waited outside with all of the other contestants and there models. Then when we were in there, the staff showed us to our seats / stations and said they had two hours, and to start.

Philly unfortunately did not win the competition but that didn't take anything away from him! He's learnt more about the experience and will definitely be going back next year :-)

His theme was Bow-hO Chic. A play on words as my hair was twisted into bows.

Tell me what you think of the hair, the outfit and whether you have had a similar experience before!

It was great fun and I loved every second of it.

 From the back
 The side, please excuse my dreadful roots hahaha i know its hard too
 The coooool fringe!

 Bralet - Zara £20/£30 2 summers ago. | Maxi Skirt - Zara - £30, this season
Heels - New look

LOVE YOU! kisses xx

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